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The DeLorean Car Show
Memphis - 2002

Well, the show is over, and from all accounts it was a great one.

Mid-State DeLorean Club members came from all over to attend the show. Many of them met up in the St. Louis Metro-East area and caravanned the rest of the way to Memphis.

Ronald  and Cheryl Wester, club members from St. Peters, MO, were kind enough to send copies of many of the photos they took during the weekend. I've thumbnailed these photos to make the page load quicker for those of you on a dial-up connection. Just click on the small photo to see a larger version. Use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

2002-06-13_001.jpg (33220 bytes) Lunch stop Thursday at Lammerts in Southern Missouri
Ditto, but different angle. 2002-06-13_002.jpg (30070 bytes)
2002-06-13_003.jpg (61805 bytes) The yellow painted car belonging to Ronald & Cheryl Wester taken at the 1st rest stop.
1st rest stop 2002-06-13_004.jpg (48648 bytes)
2002-06-13_005.jpg (47580 bytes) 2nd unplanned rest stop. One of the cars had a fuel line leak
Ditto, and Marty Maier right in there fixing it. 2002-06-13_006.jpg (54160 bytes)
2002-06-14_0015.jpg (60890 bytes) Parking lot at Heartbreak Hotel...Rich W's convertible in progress
Curtis's car...what can we say 2002-06-14_0016.jpg (76378 bytes)
2002-06-14_0017.jpg (59224 bytes) Ditto
BB Kings on Beale Street 2002-06-14_0019.jpg (53800 bytes)
2002-06-14_0023.jpg (58004 bytes) Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street
Elvis Restaurant on Beale Street 2002-06-14_0027.jpg (38040 bytes)
2002-06-14_0028.jpg (56788 bytes) The BTTF DeLorean at the Hollywood Casino
2002-06-14_0029.jpg (60858 bytes)
2002-06-14_0031.jpg (35103 bytes) Elvis sighting (Ron & Cheryl's daughter Jaime at the Hollywood Casino Friday night)
The next dozen or so pictures are shots of the Saturday Car Show 2002-06-15_0034.jpg (53785 bytes)
2002-06-15_0035.jpg (46920 bytes) 2002-06-15_0036.jpg (43597 bytes)
2002-06-15_0037.jpg (64081 bytes) 2002-06-15_0039.jpg (61238 bytes)
2002-06-15_0040.jpg (58604 bytes) 2002-06-15_0041.jpg (50582 bytes)
2002-06-15_0045.jpg (48598 bytes) 2002-06-15_0046.jpg (74274 bytes)
2002-06-15_0047.jpg (37264 bytes) 2002-06-15_0048.jpg (61723 bytes)
2002-06-15_0049.jpg (43942 bytes) 2002-06-15_0050.jpg (66173 bytes)
2002-06-15_0051.jpg (58343 bytes) 2002-06-15_0052.jpg (48262 bytes)
2002-06-15_0053.jpg (27911 bytes) 2002-06-15_0054.jpg (68937 bytes)
2002-06-15_0055.jpg (64919 bytes) 2002-06-15_0056.jpg (65862 bytes)
2002-06-15_0057.jpg (55109 bytes) 2002-06-15_0058.jpg (51390 bytes)
2002-06-15_0059.jpg (42656 bytes) Now we have some shots in an around Graceland and some from the awards dinner
2002-06-15_0060.jpg (47870 bytes) 2002-06-15_0062.jpg (60912 bytes)
2002-06-15_0069.jpg (75013 bytes) 2002-06-15_0071.jpg (66975 bytes)
2002-06-15_0073.jpg (82643 bytes) 2002-06-15_0074.jpg (87056 bytes)
2002-06-15_0078.jpg (40509 bytes) 2002-06-15_0079.jpg (37188 bytes)
2002-06-15_0081.jpg (23673 bytes) 2002-06-15_0083.jpg (26084 bytes)
2002-06-15_0085.jpg (40735 bytes) 2002-06-15_0087.jpg (46003 bytes)
2002-06-17_0076.jpg (30306 bytes) 2002-06-20_001.jpg (26998 bytes)

2002 - Mid-State DeLorean Club