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Re-Calibrated Oil Pressure Sending Unit

(no photo at this time)

Due to incorrect calibration between the original DeLorean oil pressure gauge in the dash and the oil sending unit on the engine (the unit next to the oil filter), the Oil Pressure Gauge you read in the DeLorean instrument cluster is normally pegged straight up at about 80 psi. This means the gauge on the dash is not giving you correct information about the actual operation of your motor. Your motor, when warmed up, should produce only about 15 psi of oil pressure at idle up to about 65 to 70 psi as the engine rpm's increase. As the engine rpm goes up and down, the oil pressure and the dash gauge should do likewise. The original sending unit (a Volvo part) was not calibrated to match the DeLorean dash gauge and will max out at low oil pressure which in turn pegs the oil gauge on the dash telling you very little about what's actually going on in your engine. 

This new oil pressure sending unit is a properly calibrated unit which correctly matches the original oil pressure gauge in the Delorean dash. With this new sending unit, your dash gauge will now read correctly with what's actually going on inside your engine. You will now be able to correctly monitor the oil pressure in your engine during operation. Should you start to develop oil pressure problems, you will now be able to see it on the dash gauge when it occurs, not after it becomes a major problem you knew nothing about.

This new oil pressure sending unit is an exact replacement for the original unit and requires no modifications to the car. Unhook one wire, unscrew the original sending unit, screw the new sending unit in and hook the wire back up, that's all there is to this installation. Your dash gauge now correctly monitors the oil pressure inside your engine.

Cost for this new unit is $35.00 which includes shipping within the USA*.

Please contact Marty Maier - for further information.

*Shipping to the continental US. Shipping to other locations will have an additional charge.

2000 - Mid-State DeLorean Club