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Pewter DeLorean Model

PEWTER~1.jpg (70716 bytes)

These DeLorean models are cast from a resin-aluminum material that is polished to look just like "Pewter". On the DeLorean model, it makes for a very realistic finish*. They are cast by "Autosculpt" in England and are "display" only with no working parts. The smaller version is 1/92 scale (about 2" long) and sells for $13.00 and the larger version is 1/43 scale (about 4" long) and sells for $44.00.

Please contact Lori at morrcoll@nwlink.comfor more information about these or other British car models.

DMC-Houston also has these beautiful models. Please follow the link for more information or call them at 1-800-USA-DMC1.

*Please note that the color on the above photo is off. In real life the color of the models is a very good match for the stainless steel finish of the DeLorean.

1999 - Mid-State DeLorean Club