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Shock/Suspension Kit

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This "Shock Kit" is an alternative to the original stock Girling shock absorbers for the DeLorean automobile. The original shocks, even the "New" 18 year old original replacement Girlings, are valved based on 1980's technology. This means they were valved to make a cars suspension as stiff as possible, the 80's idea of "performance handling". The shocks included in this new alternative kit are valved for a much softer ride, which gives the Delorean more of a sports "Touring Car" feel, yet they also include modern 1990's "Variable Speed Valve" technology which stiffens the shocks for better handling as the going gets more aggressive. The shocks included in this kit are current "top of the line" gas charged units from Monroe and Gabriel. The front shocks will work with either stock height Deloreans or cars which have been lowered. The rear shocks include a custom set of billet aluminum collars for the rear spring locating cone which allow over 4" of vertical adjustability, allowing you to set the rear ride height in relation to the front to maintain the car at a level attitude. If you lower the front of your car, you can now lower the rear the same amount, while still using the original stock rear springs. This kit includes 2 new front shocks, 2 new rear shocks, 2 billet aluminum collars for the rear shocks and miscellaneous hardware for installation. This kit requires no modifications to the DeLorean itself.

Cost for this kit is $285.00, which includes shipping*.

Please contact Marty Maier - for additional information.

*Shipping to the continental US. Shipping to other locations will have an additional charge.

** Note: This "Shock Kit" is something I've been wanting to present to the DeLorean community for quite some time as an alternative to the original Girling setup. I have been running this setup on my car for over 5 years and 50,000 miles under all kinds of conditions, including trips all across the country and even time on various race tracks throughout the Midwest. We have also been running this setup on a few other club members' DeLoreans, both stock height and lowered cars, with great results. It eliminates that "buckboard" stiff ride you get in the Delorean and makes the car much more enjoyable to drive, especially on extended trips.

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1999 - Mid-State DeLorean Club